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The Growing in the Gospel Mini Summit

growing in the gospel mini summit

Does your faith play an active role in your life? Not just an additional aspect of it, but does Christianity truly encompass your personality, your relationships, your homeschool, your motherhood? 

Or, maybe you just need some encouragement to be a little more bold in your faith walk. Maybe you aren’t sure how to live a life that points to Christ. Maybe you’re struggling and you just need a fresh outlook.

If that sounds like you, then don’t miss this opportunity to join Digital Grab Bag live as they talk with four amazing bloggers, speakers, and authors in the Growing in the Gospel Summit. 


Each day, at 1PM CST, they’ll go live with new speakers and new topics, that will help encourage you to live a more Christ-like life. 

Day 1: Your Faith and Your Life with Nicki Truesdell 

Join Brooke as she chats with Nicki Truesdell about how to stay strong in your faith in the midst of our cultural conditions, how to stay true to your convictions gracefully, and how to allow your faith to shape your life, your perspective, and your decisions. 

Day 2: Your Faith and Your Relationships/Marriage with Brooke Poston

Brooke, from is sharing with us how your faith should play a part in all of your relationships; your friendships, your marriage, your acquaintances, and your motherhood.

Day 3: Your Faith and Your Motherhood Experience with Katie J. Trent 

Do you need encouragement through your motherhood journey? How do you point your kids to Christ? Are you actively making time for God? Is your faith increasing?

Day 4: Your Faith and Your Homeschool with Dianna Wiebe

Why is a Bible curriculum important? We're talking about that, and how to push your kids to further explore Christ outside of your homeschool with Grapevine creator, Dianna Wiebe!

growing in the gospel mini summit

Included with your live ticket, you’ll also get offers, freebies, discounts, and the replays of all the sessions. So, even if you can’t participate live, you’ll still get access to everything! You don’t want to miss this. 

And, it’s only $12.99 - cheaper if you use my 10% off coupon. Add code WFHDGB10 at checkout.

Don’t miss this. The replays will be available for $12.99 after the event is over, but the coupons and offers will expire, and you’ll never see this live lineup again.