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I love free stuff. Really. I find it hard to pass up things that are marked as free. It’s just in my nature.

But man. I’ve come across some freebies that were just, well, not even worth the web ink they were typed with. You know what I’m talking about. Those ones that you know were free because they’re just worthless. It's sad, but it happens.

This is not that. And it’s by a long shot.

Actually, even though this offer is free, I can’t even call it a freebie. Because these are literally products that you have to pay to get. But, for a limited-time, Homeschool Resource Co. was able to get them for you at no cost!

It’s quite literally for a limited-time. Three days only and it’s gone, then you’ll never see this bundle of products offered for free again.

Enough with the chit chat and hype though, you want to know what’s in it, so let me tell you!

  • This Editable Homeschool Planner from Create Your Homeschool ($13)
  • School Year Time Capsule from Made in a Pinch ($27)
  • Paper Plate Crafts and Templates from Simple Everyday Mom ($9)
  • The Family Adventure Book from Teaching in the Home ($15.95)
  • Harried Homeschoolers Handbook from Susan K Stewart ($8.99)

This is just the product name and brand- you can actually read all about the products here. But take my word for it when I say that these are quality products that are totally worth getting at regular price, much less, free!!

homeschool freebies

Grab your Freebies

homeschool webinar

It doesn’t stop there though! They also have a free, live webinar series where you can join speakers from IEW, Nicole the Math Lady, Music in Our Homeschool, Notgrass History, and more - read about this series here.

While you’re browsing through your Homeschool Collection Preview, don’t forget that the sale starts on Thursday. While it may not be a free product, you can’t beat 97% off!

Don't forget to download your freebies!